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4K/UHD Symposium

The Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Insight Media have teamed up to create an event focused on the 4K/UHD (Ultra High Definition) professional and consumer ecosystem.  It is composed of three elements:

SMPTE 2013 LogoThe event will be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel and conference center complex in conjunction with the SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, Oct. 21-24 in Hollywood, California.

The Technical Track will be led by Program Chair Skip Pizzi, director of digital strategies for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Industry experts will talk about the next generation of image formats — including discussions on higher frame rates, wider color gamut, and increased dynamic range — along with 4K (UHD-1) and 8K (UHD-2) resolutions. This one-day technical symposium will provide delegates with an understanding of the technology landscape, separating fact from fiction. This program is designed for anyone responsible for delivering high-quality imaging in television, cinema, and broadband applications.

The Business track is being led by Program Chair Chris Chinnock, President and Founder of Insight Media.  This conference will focus on the business, investment and ROI issues associated with the broader adoption of 4K/UHD equipment and content in consumer and professional markets.  This parallel track event will complement the Technical track by helping senior executives, decision makers, product planners and investors sort though the complex issues involving the role out 4K.  A series of panel sessions will be organized that focus on the fundamental questions around the timing, positioning and monetization of investments in the 4K/UHD ecosystem.   Panelists will offer a range of opinions and view to spur discussion of these complex issues.

IM Logo-300dpi copyThe third leg of the event is a 4K/UHD demonstration area.  One of the objectives of this component is to address the concern that a lack of native 4K content will slow consumer interest.  To address this, demonstrations will be arranged to showcase image processing and scaling engines and their ability to produce 4K/UHD content from lower resolution sources.  The high quality of these images, especially when compared to their native 4K/UHD versions, should help convince industry leaders that content is not a hurdle for adoption.  This leg is also led by Insight Media, who will work with SMPTE and a neutral third party to develop 4K and 1080 versions of the content to be shown on the demonstration displays.

For more information on the 4K/UHD Symposium:

For more on the SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition:

To register:


Projection Summit 2013Projection Summit 2013
June 10 & 11, 2013
Orlando, Florida USA

Insight Media ( will once again host the annual Projection Summit (PS 13) in Orlando, Florida on June 10 and 11.  The event will be held in conjunction with InfoComm 2013, the most energizing audiovisual gathering in the world. 

Projection Summit, in its twelfth year, covers projection and other emerging technologies and applications for the ProAV and Consumer Electronics industries.  It has become a premier event for technology, business and marketing leaders to gather and discuss the leading trends in the projection industry.  It is a vital source of information for companies making key strategic decisions regarding technology investment, product development, go-to-market options and competitive positioning for  professional as well as consumer markets.

Projection Summit 2013 Homepage

3D Comm

3D Comm3D Training and Education Workshop
June 12, 2013
Orlando, FL USA

Learn How to Buy, Spec or Sell 3D Solutions for Education and Training Applications

3D Comm at InfoComm will take place on June 12 in Orlando Florida. This year, the focus will be on 3D in the Education (K-12 education and higher education) and Training segments (CAD, design, modeling and analysis for oil and gas, medical, corporate, automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, etc.). To facilitate this theme, we will seek to create a 3D education classroom and a 3D training room. The goal is to provide a range of 3D hardware and software so attendees have an opportunity to get hand-on experience with 3D in a real classroom or training environment.

These workshops are aimed at system integrators as well as end users (educators, teachers, industry) looking to evaluate how 3D can help them. System integrators will attend to learn how to specify and successfully sell complete 3D solutions to the education and/or training markets. End users will come to better understand how 3D can help to educate students or train specialized workers to better perform their tasks. They will also become a more educated buyer, understanding what to look for in hardware, software and system integration to implement a successful program.

3D Comm

Contact: Insight Media, Chris Chinnock, (203) 831-8464,


Projection Summit 2012Megapixel Summit
January 28-29, 2013
Co-located with ISE 2013 - January 29 - 31

Insight Media is producing a new conference at the next ISE in Amsterdam. Called the Megapixel Summit, the conference will focus on display solutions that have more than an HD or Full HD resolution. Examples include high resolution native displays, blended projectors, tiled LCDs, cubes or LED modules, etc. The event will cover the display technology trends, image processing and management hardware/software, markets and applications, as well as case studies and system integration issues.

Megapixel Summit Home Page / Agenda / Speaker-Abstracts

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