Pico-Projector Market Could Reach 30 Million Units by 2012


Insight Media has just released the 2008 Pico-Projector Market Segment Analysis , which is an update to the previous version released last November.  Based upon rapid developments in this segment including new demonstrations at CES and feedback from industry players, the new report adds more detailed analysis.  The bottom line is a sharp increase in our forecast for the pico projection segment.  Companion and integrated pico projectors are now forecast to reach nearly 30 million units in 2012 under our "Expected" forecast model - and much higher under our "Optimistic" forecast model.


"We really sharpened our analysis in this next edition of the report as there is huge interest in this segment," notes Insight Media President, Chris Chinnock.  "Given that this is a non-existent market today requires a more creative forecast methodology, so we sought to validate our base assumptions and conclusions with a variety of industry players to create the best forecasts we could."


Pico projectors are tiny projectors that will be integrated into cell phones, smart phones, cameras, personal media players and other handheld or portable devices starting mostly in 2010.  Somewhat larger versions, attached as companion projectors to these same products, will enter the market this year.


The report evaluates the various technical approaches to pico projectors providing performance and bill of material analysis.  Forecasting looked at several models, with clear descriptions of the assumptions and methodology we used to develop the forecast.


This new addition:

    • Adds more details on the penetration adoption models used to forecast companion and integrated pico projectors
    • Updates the bill of material analysis
    • Adds a new table summarizing all the major players (component and pico projector) and their status of development and engagement
    • Updates the pico projector technology comparative analysis for both integrated and companion projectors (see chart below)


Other information contained in the report:

    • Descriptions of the key sub-markets within the expected pico-projector market.
    • Identification of which sub-markets are best served by integrated pico-projectors and which are best served by companion, stand-alone, pico-projectors.
    • Identification of the key requirements for both integrated and companion pico-projectors.
    • Evaluation of the various imaging technologies proposed for pico-projectors and an evaluation of their ability to meet market requirements
    • Forecast BOM cost estimates for both laser and LED-based projectors to serve the markets.  BOMs are estimated for 11 variations on pico-projector designs
    • Forecasts of the total pico-projector unit sales.
    • Forecasts for pico-projector sales revenues.
    • Identification of the key players in the pico-projector field.
    • Evaluation of competitive technologies that could cut into the expected pico-projector market.


This 97-page market segment analysis, written by Insight Media's Matthew Brennesholtz and Chris Chinnock, and is priced at $2,000.  It can also be bundled with the Laser Projection Report, LED Projection Report or any of the 8 other market segments reports available or in process for LED and Laser sources.


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